Thursday, August 27, 2015



Side A
Hoy! Tsismosa - Brother B.M.
Basta Pinoy - Martin Bronx
Sexy Girl - Ronski J. and RAPASIA
Side B
Deveresan - Brother B.M.
That's The Way Love Is - RAPASIA
Rhythm To Rock Your Soul - RAPASIA

Friday, August 21, 2015

OST Happy Hippie Holiday

Happy Hippie Holiday

Side A
Happy Hippie Holiday - Ed Finlan
Biking In The Sun - Jay Ilagan
The Language of My Soul - Hilda Koronel
Open Field - Rebecca Domingo
You Changed My Life - Ernie Garcia
The Things I Don't Dig - Ike Lozada
Won't You Smile - Hilda Koronel and Ed Finlan

Side B
Haystak Blues - Jay Ilagan, Hilda Koronel and Mildred Ortega
Lily In The Pond - Danny Subido and The Blinkers
Dont You Keep Me Waitin' - Mildred Ortega
Send Me Your Love - Ed Finlan and Jay Ilagan
I'll Take My Time - Ed Finlan
Peace - The Blinkers

Directed by
Tony Cayado    

Writing Credits
Orlando Nadres     ...     (story & screenplay) (as Orlando R. Nadres)

Cast (in credits order) 

Hilda Koronel     Hilda Koronel        
Ed Finlan     Ed Finlan        
Jay Ilagan     Jay Ilagan        
Mildred Ortega     Mildred Ortega        
Ike Lozada     Ike Lozada        
Chichay     Chichay        
Caridad Sanchez     Caridad Sanchez        
Rebecca Domingo     Rebecca Domingo        
Maribeth Perez     Maribeth Perez     ...    
(as Marybeth Perez)
Virginia Montes     Virginia Montes     ...    
(as Virgie Montez)
Tony Cayado     Tony Cayado        
Ernie Garcia     Ernie Garcia        
Gino Castel     Gino Castel        

Music by
Danny Subido

Tessie Lagman

Puso sa Puso

Side A
Puso Sa Puso
Samo Ng Puso
Ang Ating Sumpaan
Tanging Pag-Ibig
Magtiwala Ka Sana
Tunay Kaya

Side B
Nasaan Ang Ligaya
Sawi Sa Pag-Ibig
Puso'y Naninimdim
Hinaing Ng Pagsuyo
Bakasakali Sa Pag-Ibig
Hibik Ng Puso

Tessie Lagman is an actress, known for Nora in Wonderland (1970), Laff Story (1971) and Fiesta extravaganza '71 (1971).

Joey de Leon & Rene Requiestas

Elvis And James

Side A
Elvis And James
Wake Up, Aling Susie
Let's Have Some Music

Side B
Miss Marilyn Monroy
Babaing Matangkad
Liburatchi's Dilemna
Bangungutin Ka Sana
Batman Theme (from the movie "Batman & Robin")
Ang Sarap (from the movie "Batman & Robin")

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Rocky Fellers

Killer Joe

Side A
Killer Joe
South pacific twist
Like The Big Guys Do
We Got Love
When Do Kids Grew Up
Don't Sit Down

Side B
Long Tall Sally
Teddy Bear
Chin-A-Ling Baby
Great Big World
Twist And Shout
Lonely Teardrops
Two Steps Downstears

The Rocky Fellers were an American-born Filipino pop/rock band discovered by Stanley Kahn in the 1960s, who signed them to Scepter Records. The group was composed of four Filipino brothers: Tony, Junior, Eddie and Albert Maligmat, and their father, Doroteo "Moro" Maligmat. They had a hit single called "Killer Joe", written by Bert Russell and Bob Elgin in 1963. The song was inspired by famed dance instructor and 'King of the Discothèque', Killer Joe Piro. It has many similarities to the chorus of the Mickey and Sylvia hit, "Love Is Strange".

"Killer Joe" reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1963. They followed up with another Bob Elgin song called "Like the Big Guys Do". Among their other recordings was a Christmas novelty song, "Santa, Santa", written by a then-unknown songwriter, Neil Diamond. The Rocky Fellers also recorded another Neil Diamond song, "We Got Love" which is available on their LP, Killer Joe from 1963. The Rocky Fellers faded quickly from the music scene in the mid-1960s, primarily due to the arriving British Invasion bands.

Tony Maligmat died on March 4, 2007 at the age of 62

Arthur Manuntag


Side A
Love Is A Many Splendored Things
The Way You Look Tonight
It's Magic
Love Story (Where Do I Begin)
Two For The Road
No Other Love

Side B
Cheek To Cheek
Come Fly With Me
Tome After Time
Loos of Love
Yesterday I Heard The Rain
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This modern day crooner brings back the sound of old-fashioned romance. Arthur's music moves people in ways you've never seen a performer do before. He truly is a very talented crooner that you can feel all the emotion and sincerity he puts in every one of his songs.

(The Philippine Star)

 “Yes, this 6 foot balladeer, does an excellent job of mimicking Tony Bennett’s singing artistry only, he does it a note higher sometimes!

In fact, a foreign guest who attended one of his concerts was over heard commenting that Arthur sounds more like Tony Bennett than

Tony Bennett does!

Arthur is obviously gifted with a powerful, splendid and multi-ranged voice, topped with a masterful stage presence and a good grasp of humor that comes naturally! This pony-tailed big guy is without a doubt, a world-class performer with a lot of soul to give!

This man who loves to sing songs from his folks’ musical treasure chest makes no attempt to be cute. He’s satisfied with himself in the original! He’s no copy-cat …he just Arthur-izes the songs he sings, superbly well! And when he sings, you can close your eyes and swing along or dream along with him, that’s what the audience usually do in his shows and concerts as this charming balladeer smoothly croons classics like As Time Goes By, The Way You Look Tonight, If I Ruled the World, Till, Stranger in Paradise, Come Fly with Me, Because of You, I Can’t Stop Loving You, I Won’t Cry Anymore, I Left My Heart in San Francisco etc. “

(Philippine Daily Inquirer)

The History

Arthur started his music career in the early 80’s as a drummer and at the same time the lead vocalist of a band that played a combination of folk, country & rock… from The Beatles to Santana, Eagles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. The band was called “The Kryptons”.  They did the rounds of the Ol’ Shakey’s Pizza Parlour that during that time was so popular among the teenagers & rock music buffs because of its nightly live band entertainment.

After a year and a half of playing rock, Arthur got tired of the noise and decided to return to his first love, crooning the classics.

Since a young boy, Arthur’s been a big fan of standards, listening to the records of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Matt Monro, Johnny Mathis and even Diomedes Maturan who was a schoolmate of his dad’s in high school.

Joined several bands as a lead vocalists from hotel showbands  to concept bands etc… performed songs of different genres but still no music genre  transcends the “Good Ol’ Standards” he said. Tho’ there have been numbing road trips, identity problems, self-doubt, and rejection, through the years Arthur sort of analyzed himself, and said, '”This is all I'm going to do… reintroduce and perform the classics the standard way. Arthur committed himself to singing songs that would appeal to all ages, a principle that would guide him for the next 100 years. And he feels so satisfied that he’s been able to do that up to the present time.

Arthur recently won a very prestigious award, the 19th ALIW AWARDS BEST MALE PERFORMER IN HOTEL LOUNGES & BARS August 31, 2006.

 "The music business and the entertainment business--in fact, all businesses--have become so narrow-channeled. I have done well in my narrow channel because I have never deserted it. I’ve been singing for years and still, nothing gives me greater joy than performing for an audience." –Arthur Manuntag

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pauline Sevilla

Sing Along

Side A
Broken Promises
Glory of Love
Those Were The days
I Love You And You Love Me
When You Smile
Sit Beside Me

Side B
Sing Along
Computer No. 9
Bottle of Wine
1 2 3 Redlights
I Say A Little Prayer

Pauline Sevilla is known for her work on Bang-shang-a-lang (1968), My Pledge of Love (1970) and Songs and Lovers (1970).