Friday, July 20, 2012

Boyfriends, Part 1

Greatest Hits


Side A
Dahil Mahal Kita
Nais Kong Malaman Ko
Sumayaw Sumunod
Bakit labis Kitang Mahal
Sa Tuwing Ako'y Nagiisa
First Love

Side B
Mamahalin Kita
Dance With Me
Pagtibok Ng Puso
Bistado Na Kita
Araw Araw
I Think I'm Falling In love
Oras Oras

Boyfriends First Love


Side A
First Love Never Dies
Love Me
Don't Stop The Music
Never Let Her Go
Maybe You Should Now

Side B
I Think I'm Fallin' In Love
everyone Needs Someone To Love
Got To Believe In Magic
Feel My Love
Lady Disco

 Boyfriends With Love


Side A
Sumayaw Sumunod
Pagtibok Ng Puso
Inibig Kita

Side B
Pagibig Ko
Sha, Na, Na, Tayo'y Magsaya
Mamahalin Kita
Kay Ganda Palang Umibig
Kapag Kasayaw Kita

for audio, visit:
YouTube: OPM Vinyl Playlist

Boyfriends Dahil Mahal Kita


Side A
Dahil Mahal Kita
Nais Kong Malaman Mo
Sa Tuwing Ako Ay Nag-iisa
Pagibig o Paghanga
Hanggang Wakas

Side B
Di Na Mababago
Bistado Na Kita
Mula Ng Makilala Kita
Ibigin Mo Ako
Puso Ko'y Umiibg Sa 'Yo

The Boyfriends are a musical group from the Philippines. Their heyday was in the 1970s as a leading exponent of the Manila Sound, with pop and disco harmonies reminiscent of the Bee Gees. Several of their songs have entered the canon of Filipino popular song, covered by current stars and amateurs alike.

Current members:
    Joey Abando
    Gary Arriola
    Artie Ilacad
    Bob Guzman

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