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Various Artist, Ginintuang Diwa Ng Pasko

Ginintuang Diwa Ng Pasko


Side A
Magdiwang Medley
Tayo Na Sa Belen
Panahon Ng Pagsaya
Sa Kanyang Kaarawan
Ngayon Ay Pasko Na
Tuloy Na Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko

Side B
Sama Sama Tayo Medley
Pasko Na Sinta Ko
Sa Bawat Tahanan
Pasko Na Bukas Giliw
Magsigising Na

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Various Artist, Salubungin Ang Pasko

Salubungin Ang Pasko


Side A
Halina Halina Halina
Ang Pasko Ay Salubungin
Simbang Gabi At Bagong Taon
Pasko'y Pagibig
Igalang Ang Pasko
Sabik Na Sabik
May Luha Ang Pasko
Pasko't Bagong Taon
Ang Pasko
Dapat Magsaya

Side B
Maligayang Pasko
Tayo'y Umawit At Magdiwang
Ipagdiwang Ang Pasko
Christmas Greetings
Ang Aking Pamasko
Tuwing Darating Na Ang Pasko
Pasko Sa Aming Bahay
Pasko Sa Maynila
Pasko Sa Nayon
Ang Aming Bati Ay Magandang Pasko
Maligayang Pasko Sa Inyo

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Various Artist, Pamasko Ng Mga Bituin

Pamasko Ng Mga Bituin


Side A
Maligayang Pasko At Masaganang Bagong Taon
Ang Pasko'y Sumapit Na Naman
Dalangin Sa Pasko
Pasko Ng Magdla
Mano Po Ninong
Pasko Na
Sa Paskog Darating
Kampana Ng Simbahan
Pasko Na Naman
Sino Si Santa Klaus

Side B

Halina Halina
Pasko Kasi
Kami Po'y Paskuhan
Damdaming Pasko
Pasko'y Laganap
Simula Ng Pasko
Himig Pasko
Misa De Gallo
Noche Buena
Paskong Anong Saya

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Various Artist, That's Entertainment LP

That's Entertainment


Side A
True Blue-Lotlot De Leon
Greatest Love Of All-Manilyn Reynes
Friends-Sheryl Cruz
Glory Of Love-Jestoni A
Opposites Attract-Michael G

Side B
Whatever We Imagine-Janno Gibbs
Let's Wait A While-Melissa S
Mad About You-Ana Margarita Gonzales
Friends And Lovers-Ramon Christopher
Man Size Love-Bing Loyzaga
Christmas Medley-All Star Cast

That's Entertainment is a defunct Filipino youth-oriented talent and variety show aired by GMA Network.

The show was launched on January 6, 1986 by GMA Network and gained popularity almost overnight among young audiences who were on the lookout for idols of their own. Hosted by German Moreno together with Ike Lozada. "That's" first aired from the old GMA building in EDSA and soon moved in to the GMA Broadway Centrum in 1987 to accommodate more fans.

The show ushered in new stars (see That's Entertainment members) and would signify the changing of the guards in local show business. Some are deceased or inactive in showbiz and now in politics. The kids are grouped into five: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Every Saturday, all 5 groups were joined together and performed spectacular, well-rehearsed production numbers. The Show also catapulted different dance group to popularity, The Maneouvres, Streetboys, Abztract Dancers, Kids at Work, UMD all became the Philippines' premiere dance group because of the show.

On March 1996, the show went off the air at the height of its popularity. The last episode of "That's Entertainment" was shown on Saturday primetime (9:00 pm) with former members reunited in a TV special entitled "That's The Reunion". The said TV special earned an award for Best Musical Special during the 1996 Star Awards.

Various Artist, Dear Cory LP

Dear Cory


Side A

Dear Cory- Lokal Brown
Start With The Children- Lokal Brown
Nagugustuhan mo Ba- Asin
Isyu- Pol Galang
Buhay At Bukid- Buklod
A Soldier's Corner- Ethnic Faces

Side B

Brutal Scar- Ethnic Faces
Bayang Inutang- Ang Grupong Pendong
Tumindig Ka- Buklod
Tao- Pol Galang
If I Were President- Ed Formoso
Dahandahan Hintayhintay- Ang Grupong Pendong

Various Artist, A New Better Way LP

A New Better Way


Side A
A New Beter Way
Psalm 1- Celeste Legaspi
A New And Better Way

Side B
Reach Out For A Friend- Leah Navarro
Freedom Is The Word- Rage
Be Gentle- Jose Mari Chan
Prisoner's Lament- Apo Hiking society

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Various Artist, Songs of Life LP

Songs Of Life


Side A
Dahil Sayo- Pilita Corales
Gaano Kita Mahal- Celeste Legaspi
Kailangan Kita- Leah Navarro
Paano- Dulce
Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan- Kuh Ledesma

Side B
Kapantay Ay Langit- Nora Aunor
Bakit May pagibig Pa- Imelda Papin
Iduyan Mo- Basil Valdez
Unang Halik- Anthony Catelo
Narito Ako- Cris B

Side C
Mahal- Sharon Cuneta
May Bukas Pa- Rico J Puno
Sa Ngalan Ng Ama- Freddie Aguilar
Gising Na O Kuya Ko- Coritha
Idol Kita- Nailclippers

Side D
Habulhabol- Victor Wood
Mandurugas- Hagibis
Ipakita Mo- VST
Tayong Dalawa- Rey Valera
Shining- Becca Godinez
Bayan Ni Juan- Mike Hanopol

Various Artist, Sariling Atin LP

Sariling Atin


Side A
Kung Ako'y Inibig- Nora Aunor
Pagibig Mo't Pagibig Ko- Rhodora
Ang Bakya- Rhodora
Sa Sulyap Mo- Diomedes Maturan
Pandanggo Ng Pagibig- Lirio Vital
Pagibig Ang Lunas- Eva Vivar

Side B

Halina Sa Bukid- Nora Aunor
Ang Bakya Ni Neneng- Darius Razon
Pista- Lirio Vital
Ako'y Iniwan Mo- Eva Vivar
Lahat Ng Araw- Rhodora
Kahit Limutin Mo- Diomedes Maturan

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Various Artist, Likha: Awit Pambata , Awit Ng Bata

Likha: Awit Pambata


Side A
Ngayon - George C
Kahit AKo'y Bata Pa - Rey M
Ulila - Tony H
Habilin - Ahnee M
Isang Panawagan - Paul G

Side B
Siya Ang Kailangan Ng Mundo - Benjamin C
Tao Rin Ako -J ose L
Munting Pangarap - Monette A
Bunga Ng Pagibig - Lorie I
Kuwento Ni Lolo- Rhoderick N

Likha: Awit Ng Bata


Side A
Kaibigan Ko - Monette Garcia
Ayaw Kong Lumaki Sa Layaw - Bettina Manalastas
batu-Batuta - Jenneelyn
God Made The Sky - Carissa Grace Ching
I'm Faster Than You - Trisha Amper

Side B
High School - JC Bonin
It's All About Love - Keno
If Only - Lea salonga
Only You, My Friend - Maria Muriel
All It Takes - Rosalino Puno

Various Artist, Parangal Kay Constacio C. De Guzman LP

Parangal Kay Constacio C. De Guzman


Side A

Bayan Ko-Wea Artists
Bulongbulongan-Apo hiking Society
Babalik Ka Rin-Leo V
Ang Tangi Kong Pagibig-Marco S
Kung Kita'y Kapiling-Ivy V
Diwa'y Nagiisip-Dulce

Side B
Maalaala Mo Kaya-Leo V
Ang Langit Ko'y Ikaw-Celeste L
Takipsilim-Janet B
Duyan Ng Pagmamahal-Champoy
4/4 Medley-Wea Artists
Bakit Mo Ako Pinaluha
Bakit Mo Ako Pinaluha

Constancio Canseco de Guzman, acknowledged dean of Filipino movie composers and musical directors, grew up in Manila where he studied piano and composition under Nicanor Abelardo. He finished his BS Commerce degree at Jose Rizal College in 1928, and passed the certified public accountants board exam in 1932. He became the music director of movie production outfits like Sampaguita, LVN, Royal, Excelsior, Lea, and Tagalog Ilang-ilang. In 1948, his song “Ang Bayan Ko” and “Kung Kita’y Kapiling” bagged the gold medal at the Paris International Fair. The same song won for him the Awit Award for best Filipino lyricist.

Various Artist, George Cancesco

Mga Likha ni George CansecoVol. 1


Side A
Ngayon At Kailan Man-Celeste L
Gabi't Araw-Rainmakers
Theme From Dulce Amor-Dulce
Babaing Makasalanan-Pinky D L
Bakit Mahal Kita-Aloha
Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan-Eddie P

Side B
Kapantay Ay Langit-Pilita C
Saan Ako Nagkamali-Tillie M
Luha At Halakhak-Ric M
Dalawang Pagibig-Geraldine
Kailangan Kita-Leah N
Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo-Basil V

Mga Likha ni George Canseco Vol 2


Side A
Kastilyong buhangin-Basil Valdez
Magkaibang Daigdig-Cris B
Huwag-Didth Reyes
Nakaw Na Sandali-Susana P
Minamahal Ko Siya-Dulce
Panyo-Pilita Corales

Side B

Ang Manghuhula-Aloha
Kutob-Celeste Legaspi
Kung Ikaw Ay Di Ko Na Mahal-Pinky De Leon
George Canseco Medley-George Canseco

Mga Titik Ni George Canseco


Side A
Kaibigan - anthony Castelo
Sana - Kuh Ledesma
Suya Na Ba - Basil Valdez
Bakit Ba Ganyan Ang Pagibig - Becca Godinez
Child - Freddie aguilar

Side B
Magkasuyo Buong Gabi - Rico & Eliza
Tiotoo Bang Lahat Ito - Leah Navarro
Yakap - Junior
Paano - Pilita Corrales
Mahal Ko Siya - Geraldine
Joys of a Woman - Alita Dollins

George Masangkay Canseco (23 April 1934 in Naic, Cavite, Philippines - 19 November 2004 in Manilla, Philippines) was a Filipino song composer.

Canseco studied liberal arts at University of the East. After graduation, he worked for the Philippines Herald and the Associated Press as a journalist, a scriptwriter for the Manila Broadcasting Company, and a news director at Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. Canseco began devoting himself to writing music when Martial Law was imposed in 1972.

He wrote for Sharon Cuneta and Basil Valdez, and his songs were also recorded by Regine Velasquez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Pilita Corrales, Martin Nievera, and Kuh Ledesma. Rey Valera was a lyicist of two of Canseco's songs. Canseco wrote a song in English entitled "Songs" exclusively for Amapola in her first album under the Vicor Music Corporation Pioneer Label. Canseco's best known composition, however, was "Child", the English-language version of Freddie Aguilar's signature song "AnĂ¡k".

Canseco credited film producer and Vicor Music Corporation owner Vic del Rosario for "my biggest break in the music industry." He became president of the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP) in 1973, and was elected a Councillor for the Fourth District of Quezon City in 1988.

Various Artist, Barok Tarzan ATBP LP

Barok, Tarzan ATBP


Side A
Buhay At Pagibig Ni Barok-Menggoy A
Istorya Ni Kurok-Pat S
Sayang na Pagibig-Menggoy A
Huwag Tutok Galit barok-Pat S
Primary boogie-Menggoy A

Side B
baby Ko-Tarzan
Huwag Mo Akong Pintasan-Tarzan
Bati Na Tayo-Tarzan
Sikat Daw Si Tarzan-Tarzan
Pusong Mapaglaro-Menggoy A

Various Artist, Dynamic Disco

Dynamic Disco


Brazil 76
La Balangga
El Bimbo
Love will keep Us Together
Hey There Little Firefly
Tender Loving Care
Do It Anyway You Wanna
I'm Caught between Goodbye And i Love You
Di Ba't Ako Ay tao Ring May Damdamin
Couldn't We Be Friends

Dynamic Disco 2


I Could Have Danced All Night
Blue Eyed Soul
Summer Place 76
Funk Yourself
Get Down Tonight
You Set My Heart On FIre
Do It Yourself
Night And Day
El Tchou Tchou

Various Artist, WEA Series LP

Wea Various Artists Vol. 1


Side A
Annie batungbakal - Hotdog
Mucho daldal - Red Hot
Isang sayaw Na Lang - wadab
Kahit Maligo Ka - Red Hot
Kubling hardin -Celeste
Di Na Kita Iiwan Muli - Hotdog

Side B
Mamang Sorbetero - Celeste
Umagang Kay Ganda - Tillie Moreno & Ray-an Fuentes
Iniibig Kita - Wadab
Kailanman - Tille Moreno & Ray-an Fuentes
Ang Aking Awitin - Gabriel
No One Throws Away memories - Richard tan

Wea Various Artists Vol. 2
 with The Lettermen


Side A
Panalangin-Apo Hiking society
ABC Disco-The Needles
Tsuper Ng Aking Buhay-Janet B
Alabok Na Ginto-Verni G

Side B

Midnight Blue-The Lettermen
I'm Coming Home-the Lettermen
The Beginning-Tillie M
Nahan-Janet B
Bumalik Ka Sa Kanya-Richard T

Wea Various Artists Vol. 3


Side A
4/4 Medley
Blue Jeans
Behhh Buti Nga-Dennis
Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis-Dennis
Goodbye Disco-Dennis

Side B
20 Minutes Before Takeoff-Dan Henry
Jackpot Ka Sa puso Ko-Emil L
Alaala-Levi Celerio
Today-Idan C
Aanhin Ko pa Ang Langit-Idan C
Waka Na Bang Lalaki-Dennis
Magpakailanman-Nonoy Tan

Wea Various Artists Vol. 4


Side A
Di Ko Kasalanan-Verni G
Nagmamahal Sa Iyo-Apo Hiking Society
Ang Langit Ko'y Ikaw-Celeste Lepaspi
Pagasa Ka Habang Buhay-Arnold G
Mahal-Marco Sison
Sweetheart Waltz
Happy Birthday Medley

Side B
Nagsimula Ka-Leo Valdez
Your Heart Belong To Me-Butch I
Lumbalumba-Paul Toldo
Kahit Konti-Florante
Ibigin Kahit Minsan Lang-Long E
Annie Is Here-Wea Twins
Heppy Birthday

Wea Various Artists Vol. 5


Side A
Dalawa Kaming Api-Vermi G
Luksang Tagumpay-Vermi G
May Kahati Pala AKo-Annabelle Rivas
Nagising-Annabelle Rivas
Lukso Ng Dugo-Annabelle Rivas
Pagkakasala-Annabelle Rivas

Side B
Heart Don't Fail Me Now-Tillie Moreno
Two Right People-Dan Henry
Tuyo Nang Damdamin-Apo Hiking Society
Pasosyalsosyal-Paul Toledo
Mahal Kong Pangarap-Paul Toledo
Never Ever Say GoodBye-Celeste Legaspi

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Our Very Own


Side A
Anna-Apo Hiking Society
I'm Every Girl-Lou B
I Got What It Takes-Rayan F
Here Come The Kids-Mags B
Keep Me To Your Dreams-Lou B
I Believe You-Paul T

Side B
Afraid Of Love-Hiyas
I Don't Want you-Hiyas
I've Heard That Line Before-Ivy V
I'll Get Along Somehow-Janet B
My Love Will See You Through-Marco S
I Love you-Celeste L

Universal Records Philippines Inc. is a Filipino record label founded in 1977 as a part of Warner Music Group. Since 1992, it became independent.

URPI was founded in 1977 as WEA Records Philippines Inc. The company was the licensee of WEA in Philippnes for 15 years, but the latter still decided to put its own office, the precursor of what is now Warner Music Philippines.

In 1992, the company adopted a new name, Universal Records Philippines Inc., and since then it rose as one of the Philippines' best and biggest record labels.

It is a member of the Philippine Association of the Record Industry.

Universal Records officially distributed K-pop albums from September 2009, to be followed by some J-pop albums which was announced late May 2011.

Currently, it is the leading independent recording company in the country, being home to some of the finest, most respected artists.

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Various Artist, Bestsellers LP

Bestsellers Vol. 1

Side A
Magkasuyo Buong Gabi-Rico J P
Boy I Love You-Cherie G
Maging Sino Ka MAn-Rey V
Missing you Again-Becca G
Malayo Pa Ang Umaga-Verde
Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal-Celeste L

Side B

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss-Marvic
Huwag Mong Pigilan-Leah N
Bulaklak-Anthony C
Oras Na-Coritha

Bestsellers Vol 2


Side A

Nang Dahil Sa {agibig
Umiibig AKo
Ibong Ligaw
O Pagibig
Hihintayin Kita

Side B

Pagibig Kong Ito