Friday, May 6, 2016

VA, The Manila Sound

The Manila Sound


Side A
Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy - Cinderella
"Lab" Na "Lab" - Celeste Legaspi
Himig Natin - Juan De La Cruz
Chi-Ching - Popcorn
Cool Ka Lang, Pare - Maria Cafra
Ang Nobya Kong Sexy - Apo Hiking Society

Side B
Peksman - Popcorn
Pakinggan Mo Ito - Apo Hiking Society
Favorite Subject - Pee Wee
Ay, Naku!... Baby - Alice Zerrudo
Ayaw Sa Aking Ng Daddy Mo - Bestfriends
"T.L." Ako Sa 'Yo - Cinderella

Felichi Pangilinan

Source of Joy


Side A
Walk By Faith
Presence Behind The Veil
Hush, Hus
Greatest Friendship
Whose Child Are You?

Side B
Sugat Ng Kahapon (duet with Angel Pangilinan)
Source of Joy
Through The Rain
Till You Found Me
Faithful Father

Felichi Buizon is one of the hosts of CBN Asia’s 700 Club whose website describes her as a “home-schooling mom, gospel songwriter, and seminar speaker on parenting and early childcare. She is involved in the ministry of teaching at her local church, Christ’s Commission Fellowship.”