Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pedritto Montaire

The Total Voice


Side A
Try A Little Suicide
Got To Believe In Magic
Be My Lady
I Need You Now
One in A Million You
Wichita Lineman

Side B
Goodbye Yesterday
It's Only Love
A Penny For Your Thoughts
A Love Song
Through The Years
By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Various Artist, Fatal Response

Fatal Response


Side A
Dead Ends - New Life
George Imbecile & The Idiots - Broken Lineage
George Imbecile & The Idiots - Nine Years In Service
George Imbecile & The Idiots - The Flag
Wuds - Patay-Buhay
Wuds - Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka

Side B
Urban Bandits - News of The World
Urban Bandits - Battle of Mendiola
Zoot Suit -Take A Look At That Boy
Zoot Suit - Suit Yourself
Dead Ends - Don't Drop Your Guns

G.I. And The Idiots

Fascinating World of Garbage


Side A
We Can't Get Along
This Tme For Real
Broen Lineage
Scratch For Bugs To Eat
Garbage Again
Born Against
Damn You People

Side B
Bury Yourself
Buy My Right
Cunts For Rent
Where Are You Going Boys?
Nine Years In service
The Flag
Question f Growing Up

1984, Navotas, National Capital Region, Philippines


George Imbecile [George Cruz] (bass), Jun "Idiot" Ortega (vocals), Benjie Sengson (guitar), Louie Weslu [Luis Guiang] (drums)

Related Artists
Private Stock, Put3ska, Brownbeat All-Stars

Also Known As
The Girls [1984], George Imbecile and The Idiots, Gobyernong Impakto

Bad Omen

Bad Omen


Side A
Maling Sistema
Buksan Itong Isipan
Can't Find Someone
Distracted Fuck World

Side B
Nangyayari Kaya?
Just Go Loony
The Bad King
Stupid War
Change The System

Punk Rock and Roll combo from Manila, PHILIPPINES.

Formed in the late 80's and gained notoriety in the early 90's by playing underground shows and having participated in the compilation "Screams from the Underground" where original members Ramir (vox/gtr), Rheetyard (drums) and Fishbone (bass). The band then released their debut self titled full length record otherwise known as" the black cat record" where the single "Maling Sistema" went on full rotation in the now- defunct radio station LA105. Several line up changes went on throughout the 90's but the band steadily played shows and kept on releasing seminal punk records "Sell Out" and "We're Back" as well as several compilations on Middle Finger Records. Original drummer Rheetyard went on to form NSA, which released numerous recordings on cassette bearing different meanings of the band's acronym while 2nd gen vocalist Ab went on to other projects like Dear Dingo.

Forward to 2000's, original member Fishbone enlisted NoFuckingMorals vocalist/ guitarist Albert Ascona to take on the vocal duties for the band, the band also recruited Archie Nepomuceno on bass, but didnt made it to the record. Bad Omen, recruited former Mga Anak ngTupa drummer Tristan Gagolinan and college friend Albert Sy on Bass. The band gathered full steam and recorded the full length CD "God Is Everywhere", a record that took almost 10 years to make. The band played local shows non-stop. In 2009, the group embarked on their 1st Southeast Asian mini tour and hit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Bad Omen have wrapped up their tour in Indonesia, thus completing the southeast circuit.

The band released their latest album "Unite and Fight" on March 2012, still under Middle Finger Records.