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Various Artist, Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo LP

Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo


Side A

Tuloy And Ikot Ng Mundo - Apo Hiking Society
Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas - Celeste Legaspi
Laban Na - Coritha & Erik
Aling Pagibig Pa - Pat Castillo
Bayan Ko - Coritha & Erik

Side B
Mambo Mambo - Apo Hiking Society
Babae - Inang Laya
Sangandaan - Pat Castillo
Pagasa Ng Mundo - Ivy Violan
Kung Tuyo Na Ang Luha Mo Aking Bayan - Inang Laya
Lulu Luluhaluha - Kuh Ledesma & Apo Hiking Society

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Various Artist, Lift Up Your Hands & Other Christian Songs LP

Lift Up Your Hands & Other Christian Songs


Side A
Lift Up Your Hands - Basil Valdez
Footprints In The San - The Voices
Diyos Ang Pagibig - Rico J Puno
Langit Sa Lupa - Coritha
Ang tao'y Marupok - Rico J Puno

Side B
This IS The Day - The Voices
May Bukas Pa - Rico J Puno
Gintong Aral - Anthony Castelo
Siya - Gracie Rivera
Sa Ngalan Ng Ama - Freddie Aguilar

Various Artist, A RR 101.9 Radio Romance LP

A RR 101.9 Radio Romance
The FM Radio Of ABS-CBN Collection Of Vicor's Best OPMs


Side A
Narito Ako- Regine Velasquez
Sana Naman- Roeder
Pinakamamahal- Louie Heredia
Mahal Na Rin Kita- Pops Fernandez
Say That You Love Me- Martin Nievera
Say That You'll Never Go- Neocolours

Side B

Magmula Ngayon- Rey Valera
Titig Ng Pagibig- Mariz
Sana Ikaw Na Sana- Timmy Cruz
Paano- Tots Tolentino
Hindi Magbabago- Randy Santiago
Maybe This Time- Zsa Zsa Padilla  

Various Artist, Tropical Jazz Fusion LP

Tropical Jazz Fusion


Side A
Capture The Changes- Jacqui Magno
Highways Of My Life- Lerma Dela Cruz
Me And You- Louie Reyes
I'll Always Stay In Love This Way- Boy Katindig
I Think I'll Tell Her- Boy Katindig

Side B

Free- Lerma Dela Cruz
Away From you- Jennifer Ramos
Toss The Coin And See- Boy Katindig
Together Love- Richard Tann
If You Must Go- Louie Reyes

Various Artist, Hitmakers LP Series



Side A
My Only Love - Sharon Cuneta
Sana Pagibig - Rico J. Puno
Give Me A Chance - Ric Segreto
Ang Buhay Ko - Asin
Alon - Yolanda

Side B
Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo - Rey Velera
You - Basil Valdez
Kahit Konting Pagtingin - Arnel
You Don't Owe Me - jackie Lou Blanco
Isang Dakot - Lirio Vital

Hitmakers 2


Side A
Cross My heart - Sharon Cuneta
Kahit Konting Pagtingin - Ric Segreto
Pagdurusa - Vernie Varga
Kumusta Ka Mahal - Sharon Cuneta & Rowell Santiago
I Love You

Side B
I Am Sorry - SARJ
Kindi Na Muli - Arnel
Sinasamba Kita - Mary -Ann Guinto
Honey - Tito Mina
Isang Salawahan - Cynthia Moran

Hitmakers 3


Side A
Gaano Ka Dalas Ang Minsan - Basil Valdez
Pagmamahal - Jackie Lou Blanco
Di Mo Ko Pansin - Rey Valera
Salamin - SARJ
Friends - Sharon Cuneta

Side B
Both In Love - Tito Mina
Holiday - Martin Nievera
Don't Know What To Say - Ric Segreto
I Need You Back - Raymond Lauchengco
My Love - Vernie Varga

Hitmakers 4


Side A
Then Maybe
Reachin Out
Point Of No Return
The Best Of Me

Side B
Sa Hirap At Ginhawa
Hindi Kita Malimutan
Once Upon A Life
Gusto Ko Pa
You're The One
Growing Up 1

Hitmakers 5


Side A
How Can I -  Martin Nievera
Sana'y Maghintay - Sharon Cuneta
You're My Home - Odette Quesada
When I'm With You - Zsa Zsa Padilla
Come Be A Part Of My Song - Iwi Laurel

Side B
Hello - Kuh Ledesma
Muling Buksan Ang Puso - Basil Valdez
How - Jam Morales
Who's Next In Line - Gary Valenciano
In My Dreams - Raymond Lauchengco

Various Artist, Hitmakers Vol. 7


Side A

You And I - Sharon Cuneta
Ikaw Lamang - zsa Zsa Padilla
Mend Our Ways - Randy Santiago
Sa Ngayon - Timmy Cruz
Time And Again - Mia Prats
Lost In You - Albert albert

Side B
Remember - Louie Heredia
Maybe I Should Forget You - Arenarr
How Am I Gonna Tell You - Sharon Cuneta
I'll Never Let You Go - Jo anne Lorenzana
Be Careful With My Heart - Jam Morales
Minsan Pa - zsa Zsa Padilla

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Various Artist, Pinoy Disko (Disco) LP

Pinoy Disko


Side A
Pinoy Disko - Soul Jugglers
Seksi Baby -  Hangmen
Sumayaw O Makinig - Advisors
Suplado Ka - Halik
Walang Sigla - Solid Band

Side B
Sa Iyo, Araw At Gabi
Ngayon Lang Ako Umibig Ng Ganito - Soul Jugglers
Boogie Na Sa Kalye - Hangmen
Funny Beat -  Solid Band
Okey Lang - Halik

Various Artist, The Best Of Manila Sound Album LP

The Best Of Manila Sound


Side A
Ikaw ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko-Hotdog
Pers Lab-Hotdog
T.L. Ako Sa Iyo-Cinderella
Superstar Ng Buhay Ko-Cinderella
Sa Aking Pagiisa-Cinderella
Bato Sa Buhangin-Cinderella

Side B
Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba-Apo Hiking Society
The Way We Were-Rico J. Puno
O, Lumapit Ka-Ella
Paniwalaan-Blue Jeans
Boy (I Love You)- Cherie Gil
Bakit- Chona Cruz

Manila Sound is a musical genre in the Philippines that begun in the early 1970s in Manila, flourished and peaked in the mid to late 1970s, and waned in popularity by the early 1980s. It is often considered the "bright side" of the Martial Law era and has influenced all modern genres in the country by being the forerunner to OPM

Manila Sound is typified and was popularized by the pop rock band Hotdog with its many hit singles, "Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko" ("You Are the Miss Universe Of My Life"), "Panaginip" ("Dream"), "Langit Na Naman" ("Heaven Once Again"), "O Lumapit Ka" ("Oh, Come Closer") and "Bitin Sa Iyo" ("Left Hanging Over You"), among others. The name "Manila Sound" may have been derived from Hotdog's hit single "'Manila'", which has come to epitomize this genre. Manila Sound is characterized by catchy melodic phrases.[4] In its later period, Manila Sound was dominated by the disco mania that swept the Philippines, led by groups such as VST & Co., The Boyfriends, and Hagibis, among others. Alternately described as "the marshmallow sound", Manila Sound generated a string of calculated radio hits by groups such as Cinderella, VST & Co., Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, Florante, Rico J. Puno, Sharon Cuneta, and many others. Manila Sound's unprecedented and meteoric appeal provided viability to a Philippine recording industry that until then had relied on cover versions and imitation of foreign hits to entice consumer acceptance. Unfortunately in its later years, formula-addled lyrical bias toward camp humor and parody eventually caused the Manila Sound to devolve into an explicitly theatrical, if not juvenile, sub-genre as exemplified by Hagibis (a parody of the Village People) and The Boyfriends, until it diminished in the late 1970s under a wave of disco and dance-oriented hits from American films such as "Saturday Night Fever", "Grease" and "Footloose". But perhaps more importantly, by the early 1980s, disco had waned in popularity, mirroring disco's serious backlash and decline that occurred earlier in the United States. Moreover, musical tastes had changed, moving away from soft rock into newer musical forms, particularly Adult Contemporary, and to a lesser extent, Punk Rock and New Wave Music, and radio airplay reflected these changes.

Manila Sound's laid-back and unpretentious musical style gave way to the intricate, multi-layered, and sometimes symphonic arrangements of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) that dominated popular, radio-friendly Philippine music starting in the late 1970s up until the 1990s. OPM, spawned initially and heavily influenced by the annual Metro-Manila Popular Music Festival, emerged as radio favorites. Two of OPM's early and highly successful releases were the songs, "Anak" by the folk-rock singer-songwriter Freddie Aguilar, and "Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika" by pianist-composer-conductor Ryan Cayabyab, both of whom produced a new generation of Original Pilipino Music, represented by artists such as Kuh Ledesma, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Basil Valdez, Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and, later, Regine Velasquez.

A resurgence in interest in the Manila Sound in recent years has yielded several compilation albums. In 2006, the Apo Hiking Society relaunched their retro hits in a double-cd package, coupled with reinterpretations of each by Manila's young alternative bands. Riding on the appeal of this revival, The Best of Manila Sound: Hopia Mani Popcorn was released the same year, featuring interpretations of a number of classic Manila Sound hits. The Best of Manila Sound: Hopia Mani Popcorn 2 followed in 2008.

Various Artist, Ugat Tunog Ng Lahi LP

Ugat Tunog Ng Lahi

Side A
Pulubi - Freddie Aguilar
Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran - Asin
Pen-pen Di Sarapen - Emil Sanglay
Awit Ko Sa Iyo - Ceasr Verdeflor
Maligayang Mundo - Coritha

Side B
22 Anos - Len Clarino, Cesar Verdeflor
Sayang Ka - Saro
Awit Kay Leandro - Coritha
tayo Ay Iisa - Ramon Almazan
Kasaysayan - Freddie Aguilar

Various Artist, Best Of Pinoy Folk Rock LP

Best Of Pinoy Folk Rock


Side A
Usok - Lolita And The Boys
Basted - Judas
22 Anos - Len Clarino and Cesar Verdeflor
Pulubi - Freddie Aguilar
Sa Diyos Lamang - Sampaguita
Pen Pen Di Sarapen - Emil Sanglay

Side B
Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran -Asin
Dukha - Judas
Awit kay Leandro - Coritha
Sayang Ka - saro
Tao - Sampaguita
Awiting Pilipino - Mike Hanopol

Various Artist, Pinoy Rock LP

Pinoy Rock


Side A
Dukha - Judas
Kagatan - Mike Hanopol
Cool Ka Lang Pare - Maria Cafra
Himig Natin - Joey Smith
Balong Malalim - Mike Hanopol

Side B
Pangako - Maria Cafra
Beep Beep - Joey Smith
Basted - Judas
Pinoy Blues - Mike Hanopol
Rock N' Roll Sa Ulan - Joey Smith
Nakatagong Mata - Wally Gonzales

Pinoy Rock


Side A
Wally's Blue - Wally Gonzales
 Awiting Pilipino - Mike Hanopol
Bonggahan - Sampaguita
Kumusta Mga kaibigan - Maria Cafra
No Touch - Juan De La Cruz
Summer wind - Joey Smith

Side B
Pagbabalik Ng Kuwago -anak Bayan
Tao -Sampaguita
Hukha -Judas
Himig Natin - Juan De la cruz
Laki Sa Layaw - Mike Hanopol
Sigarilyo - Kayumanggi

Pinoy Rock (bootleg)


Side A
Iron Gate - Mike Hanopol
I'm Satisfied - Mike Hanopol
Blind Dog - Mike Hanopol
Circuit Rider - Mike Hanopol
Summer Wind - Joey Smith

Side B
Maskara - Joey Smith
Sa'yo - Joey Smith
Dr. Quack - Joey Smith
Himig Natin - Juan Dela Cruz Band
Panahon - Juan Dela Cruz Band

Pinoy rock, or Filipino rock, is the brand of rock music produced in the Philippines or by Filipinos. It has become as diverse as the rock music genre itself, and bands adopting this style are now further classified under more specific genres or combinations of genres like alternative rock, post-grunge, ethnic, New Wave, pop rock, punk rock, funk, reggae, heavy metal and ska. Because these genres are generally considered to fall under the broad rock music category, pinoy rock may be more specifically defined as rock music with Filipino cultural sensibilities. It is very easy to identify a Pinoy rock song because the lyrics are often in Filipino, Tagalog, or any other language native to the Philippines.

Various Artist, Best of Pinoy Folk LP

Best of Pinoy Folk


Side A
Ako'y Pinoy - Florante
Handog - Florante
Anak - Freddie Aguilar
Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran - Asin
Ang Bayan Kong Sinilangan - Asin
Pagbabalik - Asin

Side B
Oras Na - Coritha
Bulag, Pipi At Bingi - Freddie Aguilar
Bayan Ko - Freddie Aguilar
Tayo'y Mga Pinoy - Banyuhay Ni Heber
Sierra Madre - Coritha
Lolo Jose - Coritha

Various Artist, Metropop Series LP

The Metro Manila Popular Music Festival (also known as Metropop) was launched by the Popular Music Foundation of the Philippines in 1977 and held annually from 1978 to 1985. It was "the country’s pioneering and once foremost songwriting competition," according to The Philippine Star. Its objective was to promote the advancement of Filipino music, and its chief proponents were Teodoro Valencia and Imee Marcos.

This songwriting competition was originally open to all music composers. From the Fifth festival onwards, the competition was divided into Professional and Amateur Divisions, to give new songwriters a level playing field without competing with more well-known composers.

These festivals launched many the careers of songwriters and singers (who interpreted the songs), and gave original Filipino music more than a few memorable and modern-day song classics. Among them is Freddie Aguilar.

The Best Of Metro Pop


Side A
Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika - Hajji Alejandro
Ewan - APO
Umagang Kay Ganda - Ray-An Fuentes & Tille Moreno
Lupa - Rico J. Puno
Anak - Freddie aguilar

Side B
Bulag Pipi At Bingi - Freddie Aguilar
Ibig Kong Ibigin Ka - Anthony Castelo
Ikaw Ako Tayo Magkapatid - New Ministrels
Suwerte-suwerte Lang - Joel Navarro
Isang Mundo Isang Awit - Leah navarro


8th Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Pagasa Ng Mundo - Ivy Violan
Manalig Ka - Dio Marco
Sa Ating Daigdig - Manilyn Reynes
You're My Home - Odette Quesada
Ani-a Akon Ang Imong Higala - Philip Abrogar
Kuwarta Kuwarta - Vincent Daffalong
Anting-anting - Emil Snaglay at Ang Pen-Pen

Side B
Ang Sinisisi - Gloria Belen
Kinabukasan - Joannie Feliciano
Musika, Lata, Sipol At La La La - Lea & Gerard Salomga
Come Be a Part pf My osng - Iwi Laurel
Pilipino Ako - Veronica
Pag-ibig Sa Ating Musika - Nailclippers
Ito Na Nga - Robby Miguel


7th Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Salamat Salamat Sa Musika - Nanette Inventor
Mga Kulay - Dulce
I Got What It Takes - Ray-An Fuentes
Part Of The Way - Jacqui Magno
AYou Turn Me On - Chona Cruz & The Platinumates
A Little Smile - Carla Martinez
Romeo And Juliet - Musikinesis

Side B
A Smile In Your Heart - Jam Morales
Falling In Love Again - Louie Reyes & Eugene Villaluz
Where Did The Heartaches Go - Tillie Moreno
Let Us Stay The Way We Used To Be - Al Lopez
Think It Over - Richard Tann & Maraya
It Used To Be You -Jennifer ramos
I Don't Want You - Hiyas


6th Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Dapithapon - Odonnah
Ako'y Ako - Lerma DeLa Cruz
Till I Met You - Kuh Ledesma
Away From You - Jennifer Ramos
Gabay Mo Ako - Rey Valera
Kagandahan -Filipina
Be My Lady - Pedritto Montaire

Side B
Laging Mayroong Bukas - Pat Castillo
Kahit Ako'y Mahirap - Mon Del Rosario
My Love My Soul My Everything - Vernie varga
We're In Love - Miriam Pantig
Habang May Sikat Pa -Rainmakers with Millie Beltran
Still Got Love -Labuyo
Pain - Martin Nievera


5th Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest

Side A
Don't Decieve Yourself - Susana Pichay
Nothing I Want More - Louie Reyes And Eugene Villaluz
Isang Dakot - Sonia Singson
Ang Aking Kubo - Florante
What Are You Doing On A Rainy Snday Morning - Rico Puno & Ivy Violan
You Made Me Live Again -Janet Basco
Magkaibigan Nagkaibigan Nagka-ibigan - Something Special
Inay Bakit - Sonny Nicolas

Side B
Give Me A Chance - Ric Segreto
Memories - Eilene Espina
Pag-ibig Mo Pag-ibig Ko - Zander Kahn & Miriam Pantig
Kahit La La La Pwede Na - Subas Herrerp & Noel Trinidad
Coming Back - Zoey Zuniga
Magbabalik Pa Rin Ako - The New Ministrels
Buhay Nasa Ating Palad - Ray-An Fuentes


4th Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Magkaisa - Eugene Villaluz
Pusong Rock N Roll - Pabs Dadivas
Hatinggabi - Boy Camara
Sino Ang Baliw - Mon Del Rosario Jr.
Kahit Konti - Florante
Magsimula Ka - Leo Valdez
Aawitin Ko Na Lang - Bong Gabriel

Side B
Ang Buhay Ay Ngayon - Rene Puno
Insomnia - Joseph Olfindo
Babae Ka -Something Special
Mr Musikero - Sonny nicolas
Buhay/Pagasa - Pol Enriquez
Uhaw Na Lupa - Emilio Snaglay at ang Bagong Pen Pen
Landas - Marco sison


3rd Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Mahalga - Rene Puno
Isang Mundo Isang Awit - Leah navarro
Buhay Ko'y Mayrong Ikaw - Pinky De Leon
Hahanapin Ko - Anthony Castelo
Kailangan Ko Kailangan Mo - Bambi Bonus &Richard Tan
Sa Duyan Ng Pagibig - Passionata

Side B
Nasaan Ang Palakpakan - Celeste Legaspi
Langit Mo'y Likha Mo Rin - Babes Tolentino
Nandoon Na Nawala Pa -Ray-An Fuentes
Ikaw Ako Tayo - New Minstrel
Larawan - Joel navarro
Sa Yong Pagalis - Tillie Moreno


2nd Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Lupa - Rico Puno
Itay Saan Ka Ma Naroroon - Chito Sibayan
Umagang Kay Ganda - Tillie Moreno & Rey-An Fuentes
Laging Buhay Na Buhay - Jacqui Magno
Masdan Tingnan Ang Buhay -Malou Evidente
Ako And Nasawi Ako Ang Nagwagi - Dulce

Side B
Laruan - Cynthia Patag
Panaginip Pangarap - God's Ego
Bulag Pipi At bingi - Freddie Aguilar
Ewan - APO
Ang Aking Awitin - Gabriel
Gusto Kong Umawit - Ernie Tagle


1st Metro-Manila Popular Music Fest


Side A
Ngumiti Tumawa Magsaya Kumanta - Cynthia Garcia & The kabataan
Minsan Pa - Janet Basco
Anak - Freddie Aguilar
Ang Dampa Sa Gulod -Imelda papin
Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika - hajji Alejandro
Pagdating Mo -Celeste Legaspi
Saan Ako Patutungo - Nannette Inventor

Side B
Narito Ako Umiibig - Maricris Bermont
Pangako - Rex Demavivas
Tayo'y Mga Pilipino - Judas
Mahal - Lejan Lopez
Suwerte Suwerte Lang - Joel Navarro
Pagibig ANo Ka Nga Ba - Nick Gonzales
Ibig Kong Ibigin Ka - Anthony Castelo

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