Thursday, September 22, 2016

OST, Nonoy Marcelo, Ikabod Dagang Sosyal

Nonoy Marcelo, Ikabod Dagang Sosyal
Music by Danny Subido


Side A
Ikabod Bubwit, Dagang Sosyal
Rat Patrol
Bos Myawok
Lungga Love
Ang Huling Sampaguita Ng Tag-Araw
Tanging Ikaw (Pretty Paniki)

Side B
Dagalandia Trip
Rat Races
Demo Ko, Meno N'yo (Ibalik Ang Karera Ng Dagalandia)
Kado (Himig Ni Aling Siony)
Basta Barbel (Lukas Palakas)
Honoris Pusa (Overture)

Narding Castaneda

Kudyapi, Pangalawang Album


Side A
Nais Kong Magbagong Buhay
Magpakaylan Man
D'yos Lamang Ang Nakakaalam
Mapalad Na Sandali
Awit Ng Pagmamahal
Pugad Ng Pagibig

Side B
Mawala Mang Lahat
Awit Ng Aking Pagibig
Ikasaw Man
Dalawang Pagibig

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Malabon Brass Band

The Very Best of Parada Pilipino


Side A
Marcha Pilipino No. 1
Marcha Pilipino No. 2
Zamboanga March
Antipolo March
Sampaguita March
Taat Na Pag-Ibig March

Side B
Katuwaan March (Novelty Medley)
Marcha Ilocano
Marcha Bicolano
Pulang Texas March
Sitsiritsit-Alibangbang March
Pandangguhan March
Lumang Simbahan March

Parada Pilipino


Side A

Bahay Kubo March
Planting Rice March
Zamboanga March
Paru-Parong Bukid March
San Roque March
Bagong Lipunan March

Side B
Marcha Ilocano (Medley)
Leron Leron Sinta March
Sarung Banggi March
Sampaguita March
Lulay March
Atin Cu Pung Singsing March

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Parada 6


Side A
Salakot March
Antipolo March
Dungdungwen Canto
Zamboanga Hermosa
Tiklos March
Sinisinta Kita March

Side B
Pinipig March
Manalig Kang Mahal Kita
Ah Ewan March
Pag-Ibig Mo't Pah-Ibig Ko
Mahal Kita Sinta March
Ako'y Maghihintay March

Clod Delfino And His Orchestra

Dance Music


Side A

Maawa Ka
Hinihintay Kita
Ale, Ale, Ale
Huwag Kang Lumuha

Side B
Sinisinta Kita
Alaala Kita
Ay Nena

Clod Delfino is a well-known musician and composer from the late 1950s until the 1960s.

Don Ray And His Orchestra


Side A

La Cumparsita
Roman Guitar
El Choclo (Kiss of Fire)
A Media Luz
Valentino Tango

Side B

Pretend Tango
You Are Always In My Heart
Rain In Spain
Adios Muchachos
Mona Liza Tango
Ole Guapa

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Million Dollar Trumpet-Sax


Side A
My Love Forgive Me
Around The World
A Woman In Love
To Love Again
To Each His Own
I'll Be Seeing You

Side B
Love Is A Many Splendor Thing
You Belong To Me
I Have But One Heart
True Love
Hi Lili Hi Lo
Love Letters In The Sand

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tony Trias & The Frolics



Side A
Hungarian Rhapsody
Stranger On The Shore
Ah! Marie
Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)

Side B
The Frolics Theme
The Lonely Heart
Begin The Beguine
In A Little Spanish Town
Tahitian Guitar

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Santiago Sisters

Hiwaga Ng Pag-Ibig


Side A
Hiwaga Ng Pag-Ibig
Wala Pa Sa Isip
Kay Sarap Pala
Dakilang Elstra
Taxi Driver

Side B
Nasaan Ka Aking Ligaya
Kung Ako'y Mag-Aasawa
Umuwi Ng Maaga
Ikaw Pala Naman
Pangarap Lang Pala

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Pamboy Lorenzo

Maari Ba Mahal (Ulitin Nain)


Side A
Sabay Tayo
'Di Mo Alam
Pag-Ibig Sa Unang Pagkikita
Kulay Rosas

Side B
Maari Ba Mahal (Ulitin Natin)
Subukan Mo
Sana'y Huwag Magdamdam
Ligayang Walang Kapantay

Pamboy Lorenzo was called as The Singing Pelotari of the Philippines because of the beauty of his voice, and made several singles in the late 80s.

The Pamboy is also a comedian in the film and one of the partners of Melanie Marquez movie Agatona in 1980 . He also frequently appears on TV .

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Phil. Violators / Philippine Violators

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At Large


Side A
My Generation
School Violence
Can't Stand Being Exploited
Dead Chickens
Tired of Life

Side B
Stupid Faith
Children Sick
Wonderful World of Trash
Cruelty Even After Death
Tomorrow's Test
Who Needs Society
St. Vicious
Leave Me Alone

Hailing from the heart of Manila, Philippines, the Philippine Violators have been cranking out great punk rock since 1984. Considered one of the "godfathers" of the original 1980's Philippines punk scene, they are one of the few bands from that bygone era who remain. As many US punk bands emerged from the disgruntled (yet oftentimes affluent) suburban neighborhoods, The Phil.Violators emerged from a third world country then ruled by a corrupt dictatorship under Ferdinand Marcos. In the Philippines, the early punk scene was much less of a fashion statement than in the US & more about mobilizing for true change. During this time, singing about "Anarchy in Philippines" could have gotten you tortured & executed by government cronies. Fronted by, Bong Espiritu (vocals) & "Senor Rotten"(guitar), the Phil.Violators became regulars performing frequent gigs throughout the country and releasing material on the now legendary Filipino punk record label, Twisted Red Cross (TRC). Later, the Phil.Violators started their own record label, RMD Records, to help produce and distribute new Filipino punk bands. The Phil. Violators were ultimately scooped up by a major label during the "alternative-music-boom" of the early 90's caused by the success of US bands like Nirvana & Green Day. This enabled the PhilVio crew to play larger venues, gain new fans & solidify their status as legitimate Filipino music legends. In recent years though, with rap-metal,r&b, and acoustic pop becoming all the rage in Manila, the Phil.Violators are enjoying their "return to the underground", playing for all the PhilVio diehards at Mayric's Bar on Espana Street. I told Senor Rotten that 20 years in ANYTHING is a tremendous achievement & they're a band that has certainly paid their dues. Itchy Korean Recordings is delighted to spread the music of the Philippine Violators to a new generation of punks & music fans here in the US as their recognition is long overdue.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pedritto Montaire

The Total Voice


Side A
Try A Little Suicide
Got To Believe In Magic
Be My Lady
I Need You Now
One in A Million You
Wichita Lineman

Side B
Goodbye Yesterday
It's Only Love
A Penny For Your Thoughts
A Love Song
Through The Years
By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Various Artist, Fatal Response

Fatal Response


Side A
Dead Ends - New Life
George Imbecile & The Idiots - Broken Lineage
George Imbecile & The Idiots - Nine Years In Service
George Imbecile & The Idiots - The Flag
Wuds - Patay-Buhay
Wuds - Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka

Side B
Urban Bandits - News of The World
Urban Bandits - Battle of Mendiola
Zoot Suit -Take A Look At That Boy
Zoot Suit - Suit Yourself
Dead Ends - Don't Drop Your Guns

G.I. And The Idiots

Fascinating World of Garbage


Side A
We Can't Get Along
This Tme For Real
Broen Lineage
Scratch For Bugs To Eat
Garbage Again
Born Against
Damn You People

Side B
Bury Yourself
Buy My Right
Cunts For Rent
Where Are You Going Boys?
Nine Years In service
The Flag
Question f Growing Up

1984, Navotas, National Capital Region, Philippines


George Imbecile [George Cruz] (bass), Jun "Idiot" Ortega (vocals), Benjie Sengson (guitar), Louie Weslu [Luis Guiang] (drums)

Related Artists
Private Stock, Put3ska, Brownbeat All-Stars

Also Known As
The Girls [1984], George Imbecile and The Idiots, Gobyernong Impakto

Bad Omen

Bad Omen


Side A
Maling Sistema
Buksan Itong Isipan
Can't Find Someone
Distracted Fuck World

Side B
Nangyayari Kaya?
Just Go Loony
The Bad King
Stupid War
Change The System

Punk Rock and Roll combo from Manila, PHILIPPINES.

Formed in the late 80's and gained notoriety in the early 90's by playing underground shows and having participated in the compilation "Screams from the Underground" where original members Ramir (vox/gtr), Rheetyard (drums) and Fishbone (bass). The band then released their debut self titled full length record otherwise known as" the black cat record" where the single "Maling Sistema" went on full rotation in the now- defunct radio station LA105. Several line up changes went on throughout the 90's but the band steadily played shows and kept on releasing seminal punk records "Sell Out" and "We're Back" as well as several compilations on Middle Finger Records. Original drummer Rheetyard went on to form NSA, which released numerous recordings on cassette bearing different meanings of the band's acronym while 2nd gen vocalist Ab went on to other projects like Dear Dingo.

Forward to 2000's, original member Fishbone enlisted NoFuckingMorals vocalist/ guitarist Albert Ascona to take on the vocal duties for the band, the band also recruited Archie Nepomuceno on bass, but didnt made it to the record. Bad Omen, recruited former Mga Anak ngTupa drummer Tristan Gagolinan and college friend Albert Sy on Bass. The band gathered full steam and recorded the full length CD "God Is Everywhere", a record that took almost 10 years to make. The band played local shows non-stop. In 2009, the group embarked on their 1st Southeast Asian mini tour and hit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Bad Omen have wrapped up their tour in Indonesia, thus completing the southeast circuit.

The band released their latest album "Unite and Fight" on March 2012, still under Middle Finger Records.


Friday, May 6, 2016

VA, The Manila Sound

The Manila Sound


Side A
Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy - Cinderella
"Lab" Na "Lab" - Celeste Legaspi
Himig Natin - Juan De La Cruz
Chi-Ching - Popcorn
Cool Ka Lang, Pare - Maria Cafra
Ang Nobya Kong Sexy - Apo Hiking Society

Side B
Peksman - Popcorn
Pakinggan Mo Ito - Apo Hiking Society
Favorite Subject - Pee Wee
Ay, Naku!... Baby - Alice Zerrudo
Ayaw Sa Aking Ng Daddy Mo - Bestfriends
"T.L." Ako Sa 'Yo - Cinderella

Felichi Pangilinan

Source of Joy


Side A
Walk By Faith
Presence Behind The Veil
Hush, Hus
Greatest Friendship
Whose Child Are You?

Side B
Sugat Ng Kahapon (duet with Angel Pangilinan)
Source of Joy
Through The Rain
Till You Found Me
Faithful Father

Felichi Buizon is one of the hosts of CBN Asia’s 700 Club whose website describes her as a “home-schooling mom, gospel songwriter, and seminar speaker on parenting and early childcare. She is involved in the ministry of teaching at her local church, Christ’s Commission Fellowship.”

Saturday, April 9, 2016

VA, The Best of Pinoy Rock Vol 1 & 2

The Best of Pinoy Rock Vol 1 & 2


Side A
Wally's Blues - Wally Gonzales
Summer Wind - Joey Smith
Pagbabalik Ng Kuwago - Anak Bayan
Cool Ka Lang Pare - Maria Cafra
Laki Sa Layaw - Mike Hanopol
Dr. Quack - Joey Smith

Side B
Tulungan Natin - Mike Hanopol
Bonggahan - Sampaguita
Pangako - Maria Cafra
Panahon - Juan dela Cruz
Tao - Sampaguita
Himig Natin - Juan dela Cruz

Side C
Sa 'Yo - Joey Smith
Project - Juan dela Cruz
Diyos Lang Ang Pag-Assa - Pabs Dadivas
Baguhin Ang Mundo - Mike Hanopol
Nakatagong Mata - Wally Gonzales
Sarap Ng Buhay - Juan dela Cruz

Side D
Maskara - Joey Smith
Govinda - Pabs Dadivas
Sirang Plaka - Anak Bayan
Batugan - Labuyo
Kapalaran - Maria Cafra
Sa Diyos Lamang - Sampaguita

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bong Penera

A Samba Song


Side A
A Samba Song
A tear For Sunrise
Rosita Maria

Side B
Beat Contemplation
Afraid To Be Known
And I Will Sing
Samba Madrugada
A Samba Song

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Bong Penera


Side A
Sa Dako Pa Roon
Poem Blue
Sinta (Based On A Theme by O. Pagsanjan)

Side B
Melancholy Dreams
Love Notes
Watery Eyes
Sa Dako Pa Roon (Reprise)

Bong Peñera and his various band incarnations under the name Batucada are considered the main proponent of Brazilian-influenced Philippine jazz, particularly samba and bossa nova. Peñera and the Batucada band were influenced by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Sergio Mendes, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Deodato.

His landmark composition "A Samba Song" has become a world staple in bossa nova and have been performed as covers by Tadao Hayashi, Eddie Katindig, Sitti and Guarana. Among his bandmates were bassist Sonny Nabong, drummer Cesar Yumping , percussionist Nick Boogie, trumpeter Jun Salvame, bassist Paul Candelaria, drummers Fred Alidon, Jun Viray, Harry Tambuatco, guitarrist Edgar Avenir and vocalists Jacqui Magno, Pat Castillo, and Sandra Lim.

Nerio DeGracia

(An Evening In) Luzon


Side A
(An Evening In) Luzon
The Hag's Cat
Three For Soar
Nica's Tumbao

Side B
Half Step'n
Joy Spring

Frisco Geronimo, Guitar Champion

Frisco Geronimo


Side A
Black & White
Harana Filipina
Dear Linda
Serenata De Amor
Lovely Eyes

Side B
Ay Kalisud
My Blue Heaven
Pusong sawi
Yeba Arriba
If You Love Me

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This young soft spoken gentleman from barrio Sinalhan, Sta. Rosa, Laguna became known as guitar champion after winning the annual championship on "Hamon Sa Kampeon" program a weekly presentation of DZAQ TV Channel 3 and DZXJ radio.

OST, "Rock, Baby! Rock!"

"Rock, Baby! Rock!"


Side A
Rock Baby Rock - VST & Co.
Sexy Lady - Marvic
Hiwag Mong Pigilan - Leah Navarro
Ikaw - Nailclippers
Yakap - Junior

Side B
May I have This Dance - Marvic
I-Swing Mo Ako- Sharon Cuneta
Kiss... Kiss - VST & Co.
Excuse Me - Junior
Isang Halik Lang - Smack

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Rock Baby, Rock
Year: 1979
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino
Production: Lea Productions
Director: Oscar Miranda
Writer: Oscar Miranda
Cast: Vilma Santos, Junior, Rolly Quizon, Lea Navarro, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Lorli Villanueva, Geleen Eugenio, Val Sotto, Myrna Velasco, Joey Gutierrez, Rosanna De Guzman, Ritchie D'Horsie, Maripaz Salvador
Release date: 24 August 1979 (Philippines)