Saturday, February 15, 2020

Various Artist Up Yours 2

Up Yours 2
Compilation Album


Side A
Betrayed - TFG
The Skeleton Years - Reborn
Disoblige - Jurisdiction
Count Kutu - May Duamaan
Aggressive Dog Attack - Paranoid Man

Side B
Sabaytones - Guard (Tubero cover)
Collision - Hipon
Monthly Red - Tippy Toes
CBI - Bring It Down
RXD - Realidad
Vampire State - Rot

Side C
Kapitan Kulam - Demonyo Death Squad
Bad Omen - Pinas Lang

Side D
Oi Squad - Loud & Proud
Liberty And Justice - With Time (Agnostic Front Cover)
Istukas Over Disneyland - Ing Dutung A Parada

Pinoy Punkrock compilation album

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